Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swimming Class!

Most of the rec centers in our area offer swim classes for kids as young as 6 months.  Since Ryan is turning 6 months old on Sunday, we decided to go ahead and enroll him in a class to see how he would like it.  Our friends, the Powell's, are taking the swim class with us.  We had no idea what to expect out of our first class, or how Ryan would react to being in a pool for a good while.  His maximum time in a pool was probably about 15 minutes before yesterday.  

Ryan and Emily were the only babies in the class, the other children were toddlers.  As soon as Ryan and I got into the water, he started splashing like crazy.  He was having such a wonderful time.  Ryan was splashing me and all of the other kids in class.  We sang songs, played with balls and basically just got them comfortable being in the water.   

The unfortunate part was that they do not allow photography!  Jeff was able to snap a couple of pictures before he was told to put his camera away.  The angle is really not all that great because the parents not in the water have to stay on these bleachers over on the side.  

I am so glad that we signed up for these classes!  Ryan really enjoyed himself.  We came home and gave him a quick rinse (to get the chlorine off) and he conked out.  

Here are a couple of the not-so-great pictures that Jeff was able to snap...

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