Monday, March 26, 2012

Zoo Trip

While we were visiting our family in Texas, we made a trip to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville.  I really enjoy outings to this zoo because it is the perfect size for little kids. There is also a great picnic location and wonderful park in the middle.  Unfortunately, we went a couple of weeks before their train opened up for the season.  The boys spotted the train and were quite disappointed that it wasn't running.  While they really loved feeding the giraffes and goats, they were disappointed that there were no rhinos, monkeys or bears.  I guess next time we will have to go to a bigger zoo. 

Elliott enjoyed his first zoo trip too! 

I love how he is peering out there..

little miss E slept the entire time

We took big brother here nearly 3 years ago and that same goat was there!!!  He is a bit aggressive 

wiping that drool off

proud grandma -- such a great picture of her boys.  :) 

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