Monday, March 19, 2012

Four, Five, SIX!

Ok, I fell behind with Emily's monthly posts.  I have been doing the photo sessions and writing down little things in various places so I don't forget though!  Some of the pictures I have had time to edit, but most I have not.  Oh well.  :)

Month 4 -- baby girl, you sleep good!!!  We started the month out with you hating the bottle.  Hating the bottle.  Somehow during the course of the month though, you discovered that they really weren't so bad.  :) PHEW!!!  You are a really great sleeper.  Actually throughout months 3 and 4 you slept through the night every single night.  (notice I said slept, that's because you wake up at least once a night now).  You started working on your schedule this month and typically take 3 naps, but sometimes 4.  You learned to roll over both directions this month and use that to get wherever you need to go! You really discovered your voice, or squeal, this month.

Month 5 - We were in Texas this whole month and looking back on it, it was a hard month for you baby girl.  You got to where you hated the infant seat.  You would scream hysterically anytime we would put you in it.  If the car stopped, you stopped crying.  The moment we started again you started screaming again.  :( You love to interact with your brothers!  You met your cousin Elliott again but this time you were in LOVE!  You would get so excited anytime you saw him.  You discovered your toes this month and they are pretty much always in your mouth.  You have opinions about lots of things and you are not afraid to let someone know just how you feel....typically with a loud scream!

Month 6 - Emily you are a JOY!!!  You are happiest when you are on a routine.  You like to take 3 naps a day and you really like the days that you get all 3 of those naps in your bed.  The good thing is that you are pretty flexible and can take a quick cat nap in the car or in the Ergo carrier and usually that will hold you over until we get back home.  You love your brothers so much.  You have the funniest little laugh.  Sometime in the last month and a half you stopped sleeping through the night.  Typically you are up one time to eat then it is back to sleep until 7:30 or so in the morning.  You really got mobile this month, learned to sit up on your own, started pushing up to all fours and really started rolling and scooting.  You are still wearing your 6 month sized clothing (the only baby of mine to actually wear the size that corresponds with their age)!  You have upgraded to the size 3 diaper.

4 moths old

not a chance those fingers are coming out of her mouth!

she LOVES her cousin Elliott

and her lamb.  

starting to sit on her own!

happy girl!


that lamb never stood a chance.  The second I put it down, she had it in her hands.  



her signature smile with the tongue

sitting pretty now! 

again with the tongue.  :) 

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