Thursday, October 27, 2011


My little man is 2 years old!  I feel like a broken record since I say this all the time, but time is going by too fast!  Little Brother is such a sweet, sweet boy.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  If he starts giving one of us hugs and kisses then he makes sure to make the rounds and give everyone in our little family hugs and kisses.  He is my caretaker.  He makes sure that everyone is always ok and makes sure I know when sister is crying.  He loves his pacifier more than any other object (we seriously need to work on this addiction).  He loves to say "nope" and shake his head side to side like crazy.  He is strong-willed, active (oh my word is he active), curious and a problem solver.  He loves to climb and explore.  He loves to do everything that his big brother does.  He talks non-stop (but you can only understand about half of what he says).  He gets so excited about the littlest things (like locating our van in the parking lot).  He is almost always happy, smiling and giggling but he can go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum in the drop of a hat.  He has lots of opinions and is not afraid to let you know when he is NOT happy about something.

Most importantly he is such a blessing in our family.  We are so proud of this little boy and so happy that he is a part of our family.  Even on the hardest days, when my patience is completely used up and I am exhausted, he is able to make me smile.  He gets me with a big silly grin (still with a few missing teeth) or an unexpected hug and kiss and melts my heart.

Sweet little man, we love you so much!!! We had so much fun celebrating your second year of life and cannot wait to see what this world has in store for you! :)

When I close my eyes and think of Owen, this is the exact image that comes to mind.  

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