Monday, October 3, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Recently one of my friends shared a link with me about a group doing meal planning.  Being a new mom and not having a whole lot of time to think about dinner each night, this idea really appealed to me.  I used to meal plan but then kind of fell off the wagon.  I find meal planning helps me stick to a budget and buy exactly what we need at the grocery store each week.  My goals in meal planning are to include a couple of our family favorite meals each week and to try out something new each week.  We try to do one meat-less night a week and I try my best to make healthy substitutions where I can.

Here is our meal plan for the week....
Breakfasts (I don't really plan these out but rather just have the right things on hand):
Toaster Waffles & Fruit
Oatmeal & Fruit
Eggs & Toast
Yogurt & Fruit

Turkey sandwiches, fruit and veggie sticks
Soup & salad (I had a couple of canned/boxed soups that I wanted to use up this week)
Pita pizzas with carrot sticks and fruit of kids choice
Quesadillas stuffed with leftover chicken & cheese

Monday - Crock Pot Lemon Chicken, fresh veggies and rice (new recipe for the week).
Tuesday - Chicken Enchiladas - this is a meal that I made a month or so ago and froze.
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese (homemade), salad and veggies
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Taco Pizza
Saturday - Turkey Chili
Sunday - Corn Flake Crusted Chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies

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