Tuesday, May 10, 2011

18 Months!!

A couple weeks late but oh my goodness...Owen is 18 months old already!!! Wow! I cannot believe how fast he is growing and how big he is acting!!! We go for his official 18 month check up later this week so we will know how he is growing but he has had some really big changes in the past month! He has gotten a couple new teeth and a couple more are starting to break through. He has become much more talkative. Most of what he says though we still don't really understand. He is SO friendly to everyone and everyone we meet. He is very much a go with the flow child, unless it is something that he really just doesn't want to do. Trust me, if that is the case he will let you know. Owen has a scream like none other and isn't afraid to throw an occasional, rare tantrum. YIKES!!

18 things Owen loves at 18 months!

1. Mommy cuddles

2. Glasses - he will swipe yours if you aren't paying attention. :)

3. Hats

4. The book Snuggle Puppy. He will read very few books but this one is one that he requests over and over and over again. He loves it.

5. Splashing in the water.

6. FOOD!

7. Saying "cheese" for the camera.

8. Cake!!! Are there people out there that don't like cake?!?!?!

9. Anyone who remotely looks like they could be a Grandpa to him. He LOVES people in general but is especially fond of middle-aged men.

10. Crocs. He was constantly trying to wear Ryan's until we finally caved and bought him his own pair. He loves them!

11. Doing whatever his big brother Ryan is doing.

12. Being a helper.

13. His paci. He is officially an addict. I probably need to be a little more stern with allowing him to have it but really he only gets it if he is sleeping or if he is having a really, really rough day!

14. Being outside!

15. Chasing birds and/or ducks. Hey, it is super-duper fun to make them run/fly away!

16. Pointing out babies anywhere we go. Then he repeats baby baby baby over and over and over again while waving and pointing in their general direction. :)

17. Waving bye bye to every single airplane he sees. He will say "bye bye a pan" over and over and over again anytime he sees an airplane fly past.

18. Bubbles!!! The child asks for more more bubbles 1o0 times a day. He adores them and giggles with delight anytime we bring them out.

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