Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh My! I have a preschooler!!!

Today was Ryan's first day of school. We had been talking about it for weeks, practicing his teachers names and talking about the 9 new friends that Ryan would soon make. He was really excited to go to school. We were the first to arrive and Ryan was just so excited. He quickly made himself right at home. He has 1 friend in his class that he has known since he was about 6 months old so I think that is probably good for him. Ryan and his friend Gabby seemed perfectly content playing with the play-dough so we left the room without even a good-bye and not a single tear from anyone.

At pick-up time I was told that after several kids in his class got a bit hysterical that Ryan too got upset. They said that he recovered quickly and that he did a good job the rest of the morning. Ryan says that he is excited to go back and play tomorrow too! :) I guess tomorrow will be the true test as he will know I am leaving the second he spots the building.

I can't believe how big he looks here -- where is my BABY?!?

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Penni said...

Those pics are just way too cute. He really does look grown up. I remember the first day Jeff rode the bus in 1st grade, standing at the bus stop in his shorts and knee high athletic socks. Looking so very cute and handsome at the same time.