Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's time for an intervention...

Ryan is officially addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or "Mickey's Clubhouse" as he calls it. A few weeks ago he started measuring things in "Goofy feet". Jeff and I were playing with the boys and all of the sudden Ryan starts measuring - with the tape measure - "one Goofy feet, two Goofy feet, etc". Then he named one of his ride on toys his "Rescue Truck", which is the newest fun addition to the Clubhouse. This afternoon we went for a walk and he told us that he needed a "mouseka tool" several times. Then he told us that the birds that flew over our head were going to Mickey Park. Finally as a van was pulling into their garage he says something about the van going into the "shoe garage".

I think it is time for a new show.

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Penni said...

I'm thinking Bob the Builder. LOL At least you know this stuff is sticking with him. And just think what he can teach Owen.