Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Day

So this morning while I was a mere few feet away from Ryan, brushing my teeth --- Ryan was able to pull off his diaper and start playing with his poop. YUCK!

This afternoon Ryan totally skipped his nap. I guess he has decided that he doesn't need naps this week because the entire week has been bad nap-wise.

Then later Ryan walks over to the front door and unlocks the deadbolt. I had no clue that he could even reach it or had an idea of how to work it. I have to come up with a solution so my child isn't outside when I think he is inside.

Tonight Ryan helped me to make a pizza. He was counting every single ingredient that we put on the pizza. So we had 24 slices of green pepper, 28 slices of pepperoni and I think 12 or so hunks of cheese. He is so big and was so proud of himself for both counting and for making dinner!

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