Monday, January 25, 2010

Three Months

Dear Owen,

I can't believe that three months have gone by already. It seems like you have been a part of our family for so long, yet it seems like the time has gone by so fast at the same time. You are getting to be so big. I spend so much time cuddling with you because I know that all too soon you will be constantly on the go and not wanting to be held by Mommy or Daddy.

Your Daddy and I are pretty sure that you have started to laugh. It's not a deep belly laugh yet but you do let out a chuckle here and there when you smile. You love your brother Ryan. This past week you and Ryan played peek-a-boo and you thought it was so much fun as did he.

You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room because Mommy is just not ready for you to be so big yet and move into your own room. You usually wake up only one time around 4:30 to eat and then go back to sleep for a few more hours. Last night was your first night to go to sleep without your swaddle blanket (as you learned to be an escape artist) and you slept just fine all night long. You are getting very strong and are able to hold your head up quite well. You act like you really want to roll over when you are doing your tummy time. I am sure it won't be too much longer.

You have almost outgrown your size 2 diapers and your 6 month clothes already. I hope that you slow down a little bit because at this rate you and Ryan will be sharing clothes before your first birthday.

Happy 3 Month Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

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Penni said...

OMG, look at those precious boys. It is so sweet to see them in the same picture. Owen surely is getting so very big. Happy 3rd month Owen.

Love you boys, Nana