Friday, September 25, 2009

One Smart Cookie...

So yesterday Jeff taught Ryan the number three. This morning Ryan and I were playing around and he decided to start saying two and then three. I had to get it on video as soon as possible because it is just too cute. Ryan amazes me so much each and every single day.

Then ---- we were making lunch and Ryan grabs one of his letters saying "j" and handed it to me. I was shocked when I looked down and it was actually the letter J! I decided to move the letters all around, I mixed them up and put about 8 of them on the fridge. Then I asked Ryan to find the J...just watch. He is SO SMART!!!!!


Penni said...

That is so very amazing. It is almost scary how smart he is, really.

Erin & Doug said...

TOOO Cute! He is SO smart!