Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Boy!

We had Ryan's 18 month appointment today and he is getting SO BIG!! Ryan grew 2 full inches since his 15 month appointment and gained almost 3 full pounds! He is now 33.25 inches and 27 lbs exactly. Ryan is considered average height and weight. He has been following the 50th percentile curve for quite a while now.

The doctor said that he is absolutely perfect, but we already knew that. She was also very surprised with all of his talking. He was going on and on the whole time we were there, showing and telling her parts of his body, listening to her give him directions (like open the door and shut the door) and making animal sounds. Ryan goes back for his next check up when he is 2 years old. We will be going there for checkups for Baby Boy 2 in the meantime though. :)

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