Saturday, April 26, 2008

Favorite Things

Hello....Ryan here and I just wanted to tell you about a few of my favorite things that my mommy and daddy have for me!

First up is my Moby swaddle blanket. It is extra big, not too hot, stretchy and pretty much all around great!  My Mommy and Daddy wrap me up tight in it every night and I drift off to sleep. 

Next up is my Fisher Price Cradle Swing.  It can swing in two different directions and plays the best music!  I like to catch at least one nap in that swing every day.  

The first two weeks of my life my Mommy and Daddy used wipes that they tried to warm up in their hands and I did not like it.  Who would like a cold wipe on their bottom?  Then Mommy bought a wipe warmer and now I really like getting new diapers and I don't scream anymore!

Now it is my Mommy's turn to tell you her favorites:
1.  Soothies - I tried to avoid pacifiers for a while but these have been a life and boobs saver!!
2. Dr. Brown's Bottles - yes, they cost a bit more than Playtex but there is no gas and no screaming when Ryan gets a bottle from his Daddy!
3. White noise machine - keeps Ryan snoozing!
4. Pampers Swaddlers diapers - they don't leak, Huggies did NOT wok for us.  
5. Snap & Go Stroller - lightweight and great for keeping in my car, we use our big stroller for daily walks.  I can pick up the Snap n Go with one hand!
6. Hotsling - allows me to carry Ryan all around and still use both of my hands.  

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Penni said...

Shannon and Jeff, What a great idea and so cute everything you have put on it. We are looking forward to so much more about all of you. Love you Penni