Monday, December 13, 2010

Stomach Bug and Snowflakes

I think most of you know that the Abbott house was hit with the stomach flu of 2010. From what I have been told from friends and family it is going around everywhere right now! YUCK! Owen was the first to come down with the bug and it was pitiful. He recovered very quickly, thankfully. Day 2 was my turn. It seems that we were able to quarantine ourselves enough to not spread our ick to the rest of the family though. Ryan was super-sweet when I felt bad. He would sneak into our room and give me hugs and Jeff taught him to say "feel better Mommy". He even came to take a nap with me. He is such a sweet little boy!

The same day we had our first round of snow. Luckily it was nothing like our first round of snow last year! We had a very, very light dusting that only lasted for a couple of hours. I do not like snow or winter for that matter so I am hoping for lots more snow-free days!!!

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