Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We just got back from a very long vacation to Disney!!! We had so much fun and can't wait to go back again sometime. :) We are trying to get back into our routine and I have some blogging to try and catch up on soon.

Until then here are a couple of things I just wanted to say ---

Most nights before bed Ryan likes to look out the windows and find the moon. Once he finds it he talks about the moon and stars and after a few minutes he goes to sleep. Tonight we had the windows open. Ryan was looking out of our bedroom window and the moon was not visible from that window. He yelled out the window "Yooouuu-Yoooouuuu, oh moon, where are you?" Then Ryan crawled over to the window and Ryan showed Owen the airplanes and cars as they passed by. It was a really cute and sweet moment. :)

Next --- my baby boy will be 1 whole year old in less than 2 weeks. He still loves to cuddle with his Mommy and he loves to give hugs. The fact that I can still rock him to sleep from time to time makes my heart happy. I love that he is such a little cuddler. :)

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