Monday, February 15, 2010

23 Months

This is the last month that I can say Ryan's age in months. After this month he will be either 2 or 2 1/2. Some days I look at him and see how much he has changed recently and I just cannot believe it. Ryan is such a little chatterbox now. He talks all day long. Most of the time he gives us the play by play on what he is doing. Other times he just keeps repeating something over and over and over until we do something about it. He loves to let us know when he has spilled or broken a toy by saying "Mommy broken. Fix it." He loves to be a helper any time he can. He carries the list for us at the grocery store, pushes a chair around the kitchen so he can help out with cooking or doing the dishes, assists with laundry, wiping up messes and with lots of encouragement picks up his toys.

Ryan is really starting to notice Owen and interact with him. Ryan will get down on the floor with Owen and say things to him like "goo, goo, goo" to try and get Owen to smile. Ryan also loves for us to put Owen in the exersaucer so he can show Owen what to do.

Ryan still loves to read. His current favorites are his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, Good Night Moon (he has us read that one again and again at night) and Peek a Who?.

Ryan is such a wonderful blessing. He is such a sweet little boy and I am thankful to be his Mommy.

Ryan knows were we keep all of the Wii controls. He constantly pulls them out and asks us to play "cars, race". We have played the racing game exactly one time with him and he has not forgotten!

Sweet Ryan, when

did you

get so


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