Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It is official, today was the first day it really snowed since Ryan was born.  Yes we have gotten a couple of light dustings in the past couple of weeks but nothing that actually stuck to the ground.  This morning and early afternoon the snow was coming down.  We got around 2 inches here at the house and it just started snowing again.  They say the accumulation will increase overnight.  

Anyway Ryan seemed to enjoy getting outside and playing in the white stuff.  He was very interested in figuring it out.  For once he did not want to stand up.  Instead he wanted to get down on the ground and inspect the cold, fluffy stuff covering the ground.  

This snow stuff is pretty cool...

Laughing while Daddy threw snow balls at Mommy....

Hopefully tomorrow the grass will be totally covered and we can let Ryan play in the snow again before it melts away...

Listen carefully as Ryan says "Buuuurrrr".  And yes...we live on a hill so next year if we get snow we can do a little sledding in the back yard!!  

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